Needle Felting on a Budget! Part 5 – Final Details

Making Horns and Claws is the final piece to making a dragon, or any fierce creature. After quite a bit of Pinterest research, I luckily noticed a photo from the blog Desert Mountain Bear about making Bear Claws. This was exactly the spark I needed to send me out with a coupon for Sculpty Clay to bake into horns & claws!

Part 5 - P1The wings for these dragons have caused me no end of trouble. I’ve tried beading wire, sewn fabric wings, glued fabric wings, purchased sheets of felt, wet felted flat pieces, dry felting flat pieces. In the end it was felting my own flat pieces in the coordinating color that worked the best. I roll some fluffing up and CAREFULLY begin felting it into itself. When I’ve got a shape that will fit into the wing, I felted the piece into the wing, along the edge of the already felted chenille stem base. This is where I still hurt myself with sharp barbed felting needles, but what is a dragon with no wings? The sacrifice is worth it!

One of the dragons I’ve made, for more photos click here: Drogon

Part 5 - P2 - feature

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