Our “New” Dining Room Table

My hubby has got into the fun hobby of refinishing and painting furniture! He started with our dining room table. Sanding the top and re-staining it with a grey tinted stain, I didn’t know tinted stain existed! I thought it only came in shades of wood brown!

201508017 - before and after - table

After he did the table he was hooked, he bought me a filing cabinet to double as a side table…

201508017 - before and after - drawers words

We dragged this ginormous dresser home, and after a magical coat of paint it looks fabulous as a TV stand! The new curtains I made also help the transformation sparkle ;)

201508017 - before and after - dresser - words

He even painted his tiny laptop foldout table, and he painted it to match the big table! Cute!!

201508017 - before and after - mini table words

Quick tip for re-staining furniture:
Don’t get an electric sander, they are expensive, hard to use, and leave little circles in your wood. Go for the rhythmic zen experience and hand sand.

Quick tip for re-painting furniture:
Instead of sanding, use a primer that adheres to just about anything, it’s called “Cover Stain”, then you can paint right over it!

You can find EVERYTHING else you might ever need to know on Pinterest, but here are a few great tutorials to get started, these are the ones that influenced us the most…

Sweetie Pie Style – staining a kitchen table

Two Twenty One – turning a dresser into a tv stand

Kicking Ass and Crafting – repainting a dresser

A Kitchen Table for Two – chevron stipe tutorial

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