Chair Cushions

201508018 - seat cushinsI knew I wanted to make my seat cushions, but all the patterns I found looked complex, so I decided to wing it. I bought chair cushion foam while it was on sale half off, whew for sales! Got the fabric I was most attracted to in the upholstery section, already knowing that I wanted black and white. Then discovered after some measuring tape work and math that… I didn’t have enough fabric to cover the whole seat cushion, only enough to cover the top and sides! Oops, but never fear, I was already winging this, so I added some leftover cream flannel to the project and voila! I was back on track! I didn’t write measurements and notes like I usually I do, so here is the best I can remember:
-Cut the seat fabric into four even pieces
-Measured to see how much I was missing
-Cut the flannel to cover the gap
-Sew the two pieces into a tub of sorts, insert the foam
-Fold the edge up like wrapping a christmas gift
-Hand sew it closed, think I just used a whip stitch
-Repeat three more times!

Then we tried a tip we’d seen on pintrest about using Velcro to keep the cushion in place, some failed after only a week, so now they slide around slightly, but most of the Velcro worked, so they stay in place without ties! Yippee!!

Oh! And one more note, we sprayed the cushion fabric with “Thompson’s WaterSeal FabricSeal” to make them water resistant, and it had a horrible chemical smell that lingered for over a week. So next time I don’t think I would use the spray at all.

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