I was torn on if I wanted placemats, they are a fun way to add color to room, but they get messy so quickly. After the table was refinished I knew I wanted them to protect the table, and had the great idea to make cloth ones so I could easily wash them when they got too gross! I picked out a fabric with a gorgeous pattern, got it home, and then noticed that it says “Dry Clean Only” on the side! Sad! I’d read about something called “Thompson’s WaterSeal FabricSeal” to make fabric water resistant, so I decided to go ahead with using them, and just hope for the best. If they got dirty we could wipe them clean, in theory.

I cut out the shape I wanted, guided by the pattern of the fabric, and while watching a VERY funny British comedy called Miranda I folded the edge over and ironed it down with “Heat’n Bond Iron-On Adhesive” tape. LOVE that stuff! They turned out nice, let’s see how long they last….
201508020 - placemats

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