Summer Reading Chart

I know it’s a little late to ‘start’ summer reading, however, we are still a month away from school beginning, and the library’s summer reading program has ended. So I find myself needing to motivate a soon to be second grader who is already struggling in reading, because if I don’t keep up what she does know, I fear she will get even farther behind than she is, even just one month of no reading could be detrimental, and I’m not above bribery.

I’ve scrapbooked this handy dandy chart, I don’t know yet what I’ll use for incentive, something along the lines of ripe pears, chocolate, or ‘mom cleans her room’, things that she likes or are out of the ordinary, I’ll work out the prizes with her. For books I’ll be using some in her grade level from the library, and some copies of books that her teacher sent home for her to practice over the summer. I LOVE reading, I’m hoping that once she gets the basics down, she will be as ecstatic about reading as I am! Until then it’s time for some summer reading with prizes attached…

Click here to download the chart in PDF

This chart is ready to be printed at 11×17 inches, and colored by a happy creative child

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  1. creative pixie

     /  August 8, 2013

    Thanks for sharing, my 5 year old daughter will love this chart.

    • woodlandrealm10

       /  August 8, 2013

      YAY! I’m glad your daughter can also enjoy the chart, I had a lot of fun designing it :)


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