Needle Felting on a Budget! Part 4 – The Face

Part 4 - P1Felted eyes can be gorgeous, but sadly I don’t have that skill. On a happier note, I adore the look of basic black doll eyes! I order them from amazon in a mixed set of 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm. I also use black glass 5mm eyes. The important thing to have when using these types of eyes is a good awl, I use a nice comfortable rubber awl. Simple craft glue is enough to hold these eyes into place.

I also love the detail which can be achieved using glass eyes. I’ve tried a range of sizes and thickness when it comes to glass eyes, most have been frustrating to work with. I finally discovered LOW Domed 10mm Glass Cabochons, they ship from Malaysia, but they are worth the wait! For the design of the eye simply print out anything on photo paper and put it behind the cabochon! For these eyes I use craft glue to adhere the photo to glass, then Goop to attach the eyes to the dragon.

I had the amusing idea to add eyelashes to some of my dragons. Rich in time, but low in cash I searched through the reviews of amazon’s cheapest fake eyelashes, and discovered this gem: Natural Long and Thick False Eyelashes. I cut them into shape. For a large dragon, I just cut them in half, using one half for each eye. On a crazy whim I also bought these Mini Lashes (found them cheaper at Walgreens), which are just the right size for small dragons! I use a tiny amount of craft glue behind the eyes to hold them in place.

After choosing eyes and getting them glued in the right locations, the mouth and nose are simple by comparison. Use a “Fine” needle, a size 36 or up, to shape a mouth and nose wherever suits your fancy!

One of the dragons I’ve made, for more photos click here: Vixen

Part 4 - P2 - feature

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