Fabulous Real Watermelon Cake!

I saw this idea first in a photo facebook update from a raw vegan about a year ago, and my daughter loved the idea! We really love fruit in our household! After two semi-failed gluten free vegan “cakes”, we remembered this fruit cake, and realized we were going at the problem the wrong way. Instead of trying to find things that sort of taste like our old life, we should just fully embrace the new! So I went looking for watermelon cake instructions. The best I found were here at Paleo Cupboard, however we didn’t even attempt the whipped coconut frosting, our family doesn’t seem to ever like anything made with real coconut. I did some google image searching and discovered that people were making these cakes layered using toothpicks, and that was just too cool not to give it whirl! I wanted to try a fruit compote over it, and even found a good looking recipe, however Meg wanted it fruit and she wanted it all raw, and so it was! She chose all the fruit, and the candles, decorated it herself, and she LOVED the effect!

Meg’s Watermelon Layered Cake
2 Personal Watermelons
1 pint blueberries
1 pint strawberries
Small can pineapple rings
Cookie cutters
Cut the ends off the watermelons, then cut the rinds off in a circular fashion. Leave one block of watermelon whole, cut the other block into two rings, cut the rings smaller to make layers. Attach all the layers with toothpicks. Decorate with fruit using more toothpicks!

Tasty Midnight Snack

So this is not the healthiest of recipes, but it’s not all that unhealthy either, and boy was is tasty! This has been on my list of projects for a couple months: to simply get out a frying pan, add a little nonstick spray, and plop cinnamon sprinkled bananas in the pan at medium heat. Seemed so simple, and yet I just kept putting it off, until last night! And they turned out delightful! My hubby thought I used too much cinnamon, but otherwise, we all loved them! I got the recipe for “Perfect Grilled Bananas” from this way cool and funny blog: Clean Eating Chelsey, and I can’t wait to try some of her other recipes!!
NOTE: In the photo on the recipe blog, it shows a semi-ripe banana, we used a very spotty and ripe banana, and the result was this soft tasty dessert…

From the Clean Eating Chelsey website:
Perfect Grilled Bananas
-1 banana (ripe = caramelized sugars)
-cooking spray

Begin by picking the biggest and ripest bananas of the bunch. Unfortunately for me, this day was kind of on the less ripened side. However, you want a riper banana so the sugars caramelize together and make an ooey gooey (technical term) mess.
You only need half of a banana — unless you like a whole (who am I to tell you how to eat your bananas?). Slice the banana in half length-wise.
Spray a small skillet with cooking spray and heat to medium. Do not heat your skillet too high as no one likes scorched bananas. Sprinkle cinnamon on the inside slices of the bananas and lay facedown in the skillet. Heat for two-three minutes and flip. Before you flip though, be sure to sprinkle cinnamon on the other side as well. Heat for an additional 2-3 minutes.
What you end up with is a sweet and delicious grilled banana that will make you forget your world’s troubles.