Tulle Skirts for Halloween

My girls’ costumes are done, we finished them in time for their school’s fall festival last Friday. This year, after both initially wanting to be cats, they changed their mind… Meg begged to be “a winter fairy queen” and then she talked her younger sister into be a fairy with her, an earth fairy. With less than a week to pull this off, I went simple and economical, which is also probably how it would have turned out if I had more time… simple and economical being the standard by which I organize most things in my life.

The tulle skirts, supplies about $5 each? (on sale & with extra coupon)
Sew a piece of elastic into a circle, then use a loop tie to attach strips of tulle to the elastic. Keep tying on strips till you can’t see the elastic anymore. I used strips of tulle 3 inches wide and 28 inches long. For the second color, tie the strips between the knots of the first color. I used white tulle I had on hand, but I probably used at least a couple yards of white, and a half yard of color.

The crowns, supplies about $2 each? (on sale & with extra coupon)
For the headpieces, I bought strings of beads from Joann’s, left the string they came on intact, wound thin silver beading wire around the last two beads in the string to join them into a circlet, then continued winding the silver wire around to decorate and strengthen the crown, at the front I attached a pendent bead that I bought already wrapped in silver wire, also from Joann’s, then continued the silver wire around to the back. I attached it with bobbypins.

The rest of their ‘consume’ were just leggings, shirts, layering shits, and fairy wings that we already had on hand. They seem a little ordinary/generic to me, but the girls love their costumes, and that’s all that matters!!