Spring is finally really here!! This weekend the huge cherry tree finished blooming and we did a little pre-gardening, and some weeding around the blackberries!


We did our first gardening of the year! With a couple starters, and some summer bulbs we are off to a great start!

We were helped a bit by our new kitty, who is very much enjoying his first spring ever!!

My attempt to beat daylight savings fatigue!

I grew up in Arizona, the only state that I know of that doesn’t participate in the madness that is daylight savings time. So when I arrived in Oregon in the Spring, and my new boss gave me the heads up to change all my clocks, I was confused, but complied. It was not until I was overwhelmed with fatigue the next day that I really researched this stupid practice. There are all kinds of reasons that are floating out there about why we must suffer the interruption of our sleep patterns, but who knows the real reasons. Anyhow, every spring since that first one I’m exhausted for two weeks as my body adjusts to the new schedule, and So! This year I made a plan! I would change my clocks, but I will NOT change my sleep schedule! The only way I can remember which way to change my clocks is the chant “Spring Forward, Fall Back”, so when I falled back this fall, I changed the clocks, but got up an “hour early”, which means my usual internal clock time… and when I spring forward in spring, I will change the clocks, and simply get up normally. I can’t wait to see how this goes!

I LOVE this… so true…