Lights in the Shower

201508028 - lights in the shower
I prefer natural light in a bathroom, especially when in the shower. There is something soothing about showering with the bright lights off, and just a touch of natural light.

Since my new apartment doesn’t have natural light in the bathroom, I had the idea to hang led lights, but could not figure out where. I turned to Pinterest to see how other people had hung lights in their bathroom, but all I could find was someone had hung lights in the window behind their tub, along the curtain rod… and then I had an idea!

I got a string of regular white led lights, and looped them around the shower curtain rod, between the shower curtains to protect them from water. Then I hung the power pack from a robe hook outside the shower, high up on the wall, and use rechargeable batteries for it.

I’ve been enjoying my soothing ‘shower lights’ for months!

Saving Water

In our last apartment the water heater was directly behind the shower, quick hot water when needed. In this old house we are renting, the water heater is out in the garage, long pipelines away from the bathroom. It takes at least five minutes, or longer, of running the shower full blast to get warm water, and it’s painful to me, watching all that potable water go down the drain simply because it’s too cold to comfortably shower in.

I was wishing that I could get all that water out to the parched garden somehow, when Necessity (the mother of invention) hit me over the head and said DUH! Use buckets! I hopped on craigslist and found a couple food grade buckets for a $1 each only a two mile walk away. So of course I sent my hubby on down to pick them up. They arrived plastered in a tomato based sauce, which my patient hubby scrubbed off, and now this week, they are finally ready for use!! YAY!