Digital Scrapbooking Supplies

When I buy digital scrapbooking supplies, they are usually on sale, because my favorite supplies are free ones…


-free supplies links-

Designer Digitals
New Free Item Each Week!
And you can download past weeks as far as a few months back!

Digital Freebies
They have a “Friday freebie” and many archived past freebies

Shabby Princess
They rarely have a new free kit, but when they do it’s beautiful!
And in the meantime, you can download all their past free kits!

Scrap Girls
Occasional new free items, and also archived past freebies

Occasional new free items, and a few archived past freebies

Scrapbook Bytes
Requires a login, free to join. Occasional new free items, and many archived past freebies

Studio Fergs
A free kit for joining, other free items through a newsletter

Traci Reed Designs
A bunch of free downloads for joining, and other ‘free gifts’ through a newsletter

Free Fonts


-cheap supplies links-

Once a month they offer $1 items at an online event they call the Pickle Barrel.
Sign up for their newsletter and you’ll always know when it’s Pickle Barrel time!!

Digital Scrapbook Place
They have a 99 cent item of the week, and good specials or freebies sometimes.

Designer Digitals
They have a few 99 cent items, and good specials sometimes.

The Daily Digi
And finally, the best in cheap scrapbooking kit supplier is The Daily Digi! For only $7.50 a month you get many high quality kits from designers that you may never have seen otherwise!
Even when money got tight I would not give up my Daily Digi membership.

My very last tip is to be signed up for the emailed newsletter of your favorite designers or websites in time for Digital Scrapbook Day in November!

I hope my guide helps bulk up your personal scrapbooking supplies, and the beauty of digital supplies is that you can use them over and over again in endless combinations!

My Mom’s Birthday

I sent this digitally scrapbooked print to my mom for her birthday, to update the frame in her room. For more info on this project see my post from this summer: For my Dad!


It’s the first day of summer! When I lived in Arizona this was my least favorite season, and that’s putting it mildly. I was relieved when it was over, and dreaded it til it came ‘round again. But now that I live in a milder climate, I look forward to all that summer happily brings! Bright colors, mild weather, fun activities, and endless scrapbooking possibilities!! Below are some of my beloved summer events that I’m can’t wait to take pictures of this summer! Fourth of July happenings, hitting the beach, hopping into a cool pool, and taking off on a road trip! So savor every coming day, Happy Summer to all!

Your Camera and You

Super quick scrapbooking tip: Don’t forget your camera, take it EVERYWHERE you go.

Cuz you can’t scrap pictures that you don’t have, so make a special spot in your purse for it, then leave it next to your keys so when you leave it’s automatic to take it with you.

It’s nice to have holiday and event pics, but it’s even funner to have those unplanned everyday photos ♥

On The Go Pics

Super Swift Tip for Scrapbooking Design

I often like to put one really large photo on the first page and then several smaller photos and journaling on the second page. I love this format, it’s my great standby, lately however I’ve been playing around with two large photos. I LOVE the widescreen feature on my camera, letting me capture even more when I snap pictures. So with these longer pictures I’ve been able to put one large whole photo on a layout, it takes up half the page but then, that kinda the beauty of it! Here are some perfect examples:

My old standby layout:

Side 1

Side 2

My newer widescreen layouts:

Side 1

Side 2