2014 Garden – Day 5: Vermiculture

I happened to see worm farm PVC tubes on some website that I was browsing, and it stayed in the back of mind for a while before I really researched how to do it. Turns out, it’s simple!

I bought a couple three inch wide PVC pipes, they were precut to two foot long.
We drilled lots of holes in the bottom half of the pipes, then buried them about a foot in the ground.
I bought $1 plates from goodwill to put on top of them, and done! The little bird statue is from the dollar store.
We’ve already started tossing in the smaller compost scraps for the worms, and I like the ease of knowing that we are feeding garden worms without having to maintain a worm farm bin.

This is an great visual video of how this type of composting works around plants:

2014 Garden – Day 1: Research

Last year our focal point in the garden was a bamboo tepee, and we planted right into the ground. Based on last year, we realized that we our backyard dirt is not the best for gardening and some kind of container gardening or raised beds would be required. I didn’t have much money to put into this, so I researched and fully considered every possible solution…

Planter Beds Options, from least to most sturdy:
(Click on option to see photo)

Cardboard Boxes

Burlap Sacks

Plastic Soil Sacks

Plastic Grow Bags

Plastic Pots

Tire Pots

Pallet Boxes

Cinder Blocks

Wooden Boxes

Small Archways

Large Archways

In the end I decided to go with:
Burlap Sacks with Small Archways and a couple Tires
Also with composting and garden vermiculture