Fun with Photoshop Blending

Yesterday I was touching up a group of photos, when one stood out from the others and I just had to do something special with it. It was taken in Arizona, so I googled “Arizona Sunset” till I found one that I liked, then blended it with the photo to create this masterpiece!

This is the plain original picture…

And here is how it’s done, you can do this in Photoshop PS3 or Elements…
Save the photo as copy (always do this first with any project)
“Duplicate layer” of the photo, on duplicate:
“Gaussian Blur” to “10.0”
Blending Mode: “Screen”
Blending Mode: “Soft Light”
Change Master Opacity to “75%”
Choose the “Burn Tool” brush size around 400, at 11% exposure:
brush over any landscape like trees/grass to bring out detail
Drag a textured ‘paper’, or anther photo, over the photo
(in this case I used the sunset over the sky)
Blending Mode: “Darken”
Change Master Opacity to “75%”
Get a light colored sample of the paper with “Eyedropper Tool”, then:
Use the “Brush Tool”, with 13% opacity, on the ‘texture’ layer:
brush over the people to keep the color, but lose the texture
If it’s not blended well, go over trouble spots with the “Eraser Tool” at 13% opacity
Choose the “Burn Tool” again, brush size around 200, at 70% exposure:
brush around the corners of the photo to darken them