New Year’s Resolution

For the most part, I don’t usually make an official New Year’s Resolution. We’ve done it as a family before, but as for a personal one, I just don’t get around to it. This year, I really really really want to pledge to wash and take my produce and bulk bin cloth bags to use less plastic. I do an mediocre job of it now, and I MUST do better!

On a related note, I use wide-mouth pint and quart jars to store all my bulk bin plunders, it keeps everything tidy and airtight even better than the unfriendly plastic bags!

Happy New Year!

Cloth Pads Part One: Liner Pads

While I’m on the subject of personal hygiene I thought I’d stay on topic, so personal hygiene week continues… today I wanted to mention what I’ve done about ‘personal care pads’ also called ‘sanitary pads’ – I’ve stopped buying them.

Ever since my girls were born I’ve had problems with incontinence, requiring me to buy boxes and boxes of panty liners. Besides the fact that it felt like I was wasting a small fortune, all these liners were toxic plastic rubbing on my sensitive skin each day, and they are mucking up our environment. I was super nervous to switch to fabric, and the only regret I have is that I didn’t do it sooner! I really don’t know why I didn’t think of it, I used washable fabric liners for my bra when I was breastfeeding, while at the same time using disposable plastic liners in my panties! Ugg, mental head slap!! I blame mommy brain, but more likely it’s just the culture we live in.

When researching how to make my own liners I found hundreds of patterns, you tube videos, blogs, and info, the pattern that I went with worked marvelously! And it’s possible to fold them up using the snaps to keep the inside part of the pad clean! Here is the awesome free pattern I used:
Panty Liner Directions
Panty Liner Pattern Pieces
For liners I use the above pattern as is, then for period pads I added a layer of plastic, more on that in tomorrow’s post Cloth Pads Part Two: Heavy Pads.

If you don’t have time to sew your own, there are heaps of cloth pads on etsy to buy, just search for ‘Reusable cloth pads and liners’ , however, why buy them when you can make them out of scraps, or old t-shirts, or old flannel sheets like I did ;)

This will make more sense after looking over the directions :)