Variation of a Cabbage Patch Hat

I had a rush request on etsy over the weekend for a halloween costume hat… I started it this morning on the commute train, and finished it on my lunch break, using an adaptation of my free Cabbage Patch Hat Pattern, here is what I ended up creating…

Crochet Hat, “Abby from NCIS”
Size 2TBlack Hat
Hook: Size H crochet hook
Yarn: Vanna’s Choice Soft, Black
Round 1: ch 3, join to form loop, ch 3, 11 dc
Round 2: 2 dc each dc around. Place a “marker yarn” in a different color to keep track of rounds.
Round 3: *2 dc in next dc, dc in next dc*, repeat from * around.
Round 4: *2 dc in next dc, dc in next 2 dc*, repeat from * around.
Round 5-9: dc in each dc around.
Round 10: hdc in each dc around
Round 11: sc in each stitch around.

Making Pigtails
Cut 32 strands of yarn, 20 inches long. Tie a 10 inch string in the middle of the strands with a double knot.

Attaching Pigtails
Use the top loose string ends to join to the hat between rows 3 and 4, toward the back. Trim the pigtail so that it just reaches the shoulders, but don’t trim too even so it still looks realistic. Repeat for the other side!

Attaching Loose Bangs in the Front
Cut about 46 strands of yarn, 8 inches long. Tie two at a time to the front 16 stiches of row 7, and to every other stitch of row 8, the row underneath to add depth. (Do a loop tie, by holding the yarn in half, then using a crochet hook to pull the loop through, and drawing the two loose ends through the loop.) Trim the bangs very even, just barely above the child’s eyebrows.

Halloween Time!

Well, I started this costume with no clear idea of how it would look in the end…. I made hair falls, a crochet fruit necklace, a muslin skirt dyed with real fruit, and a pixie hat which I didn’t end up wearing. It all came together and I got nice comments through the day♥ I’m looking forward to trick or treating with my little fairy girls tonight, I think we’ll make quite a trio!

Tulle Skirts for Halloween

My girls’ costumes are done, we finished them in time for their school’s fall festival last Friday. This year, after both initially wanting to be cats, they changed their mind… Meg begged to be “a winter fairy queen” and then she talked her younger sister into be a fairy with her, an earth fairy. With less than a week to pull this off, I went simple and economical, which is also probably how it would have turned out if I had more time… simple and economical being the standard by which I organize most things in my life.

The tulle skirts, supplies about $5 each? (on sale & with extra coupon)
Sew a piece of elastic into a circle, then use a loop tie to attach strips of tulle to the elastic. Keep tying on strips till you can’t see the elastic anymore. I used strips of tulle 3 inches wide and 28 inches long. For the second color, tie the strips between the knots of the first color. I used white tulle I had on hand, but I probably used at least a couple yards of white, and a half yard of color.

The crowns, supplies about $2 each? (on sale & with extra coupon)
For the headpieces, I bought strings of beads from Joann’s, left the string they came on intact, wound thin silver beading wire around the last two beads in the string to join them into a circlet, then continued winding the silver wire around to decorate and strengthen the crown, at the front I attached a pendent bead that I bought already wrapped in silver wire, also from Joann’s, then continued the silver wire around to the back. I attached it with bobbypins.

The rest of their ‘consume’ were just leggings, shirts, layering shits, and fairy wings that we already had on hand. They seem a little ordinary/generic to me, but the girls love their costumes, and that’s all that matters!!

Cheap and Cheerful Werewolf!

First of all I am thrilled the doing a guest post for my sister Starr. I think she is amazing and I love love reading her blog!

Here is a little background for costumes this year in our house. My 6 year old son wanted to be Scooby this year for Halloween. Nothing new, he wanted to be that last year. He adores Scooby so I thought this was perfect. However, strangely enough last year a few weeks before Halloween (and before I started his costume thankfully) he switched to wanting to use his costume from the previous year. Who was I to argue! lol SO this year Scooby Doo was on! That is until I overheard him talking to his dad a couple weeks ago about how excited he was to be a werewolf! What? I told him that it might be a good idea to tell the costume maker!

So……we started on the werewolf! We are on a shoestring budget these days and thanks to my upbringing can be very resourceful and crafty. I am not as good at recycling and upcycling as my sister Starr but I do enjoy the bits I do.

So I went to work, of course to get some inspiration I had some ideas but headed to pinterest and youtube to find out if I wanted to do would work. I had the idea to rough up a pair of jeans and to cut up a shirt and then to sew fur behind it so it would look like the fur was coming through as the clothes were being ripped by the werewolf transformation.

So first I checked my fabric stash and my moms fabric stash to see if we had any fur. Unfortunately we didn’t have any that would work so during fall break from school my son and I headed to Joanns. We found the perfect brown long hair fur! And it was only $17/yard…. (gasp) thankfully 1) it was on sale for 40% off and 2) they had a coupon for an additional 15% off in top of sale prices. So I got 1/2 of a yard for about $5.50 and decided whatever we did we would make it work. Next stop was the Dollar Tree, our local dollar store and we were able to find Halloween make up kit with the correct colors for…$1!!! I was going to head to Goodwill on a 50% off day to see if I could find some clothes to cut up. Before I could get there we had some very unexpected medical bills come up and I was looking for even more ways to cut corners. I remembered that I had just gone through my sons clothes to weed out the ones that don’t fit anymore. We headed to the pile to find something that wasn’t to tight. My light bulb idea was to cut the clothes up anyway, so I figured I could cut the waistband and collar on the shirt to make it work. My son was excited to search through the pile! We found my favorite pair of jeans that I was sad he grew out of and then his favorite worn faded camo t-shirt.

So with my total cost at $6.50 I was excited to get started. I started by “aging” the jeans by taking my gingher scissors, opening them up and scraping them. You need to apply a good amount of pressure to this step. As you do this fuzz comes up from the jeans and eventually you will see the threads start to get bare and show through. At this point I would keep rubbing and pulling threads away. I would then also pull the jeans on either side of the whole to rip and tear the jeans. I then cut out pieces of fur to cover the area that I just ripped. I stitched around the rip and then fluffed the fur out into the rip so it looks like fur is coming through. I also trimmed the fur around and close to my stitching to cut down on so much bulk. I just picked a few random places on the jeans to do this. Then since the pants were too tight I cut through the elastic on the inside of the band so that it wasn’t visible on the outside.

For the shirt I cut 3 slits in a diagonal direction across the front and then pulled the t-shirt so that the knit would curl. I cut a piece of fur big enough to cover the whole chest area and sewed it down. Again once I was done I fluffed the fur out and trimmed around my stitching. I also cut one slit on one of the arms. After that I thought I should rough up the hem on the sleeves and the bottom. So I cut slits and pulled it to curl it. And since I was using an old shirt it looked worn and faded which was perfect!

My son is so so excited to be a werewolf. And I loved that this costume was cheap and cheerful!

My Halloween Costume – Part 2 – Peaked Pixie Hat

A day or two after I decided to do hair falls for my Fruit Fairy costume for halloween, I came across this hat pattern, to buy from etsy, and I fell in love!! I really wanted to buy it: Mittenmade Etsy Shop – Hobbit Hat Pattern

But being extra short on expendable income at the moment, I decided to see what I could do with yarn that was on hand, and whatever pattern I could find for free. I found these patterns that could work…

Stich A Yarntastic Life – Hood for tots
Just A Few Nuts – Little Pixie Hat
Ms. Crafty Galore – Pointy Ribbed Pixie Helmet Hat
Etsy Blog – Stella Pixie Hat
Fuzzy Galore – Pixie Ribbed Hat
but none of them were perfect, until I saw this hat! Womanpuli – Woodland Hat, and then realized that even though it was not a pattern, just a hat for sale, that with the beginner knitting that I just learned, I could do something very similar! That hat on the bear is my finished creation, not too shabby for my second knitting project, if I do say so myself!

After reviewing some of the above patterns, this is the pattern I concocted as I blithely stumbled along:
Cast on 90, Knit one row, Pearl one row, repeat for about 20 inches.
About 12 or 15 rows in I threw in a few messy decrease stiches, first time trying them. And then about two inches before the hat was done, I did a few increase stiches. Trying to make sure that it would peak in the back.
(Pic below shows what it will look like at this stage, just a big piece.)
Slip stich up the back on the inside with a crochet hook.
(Note on yarn, I LOVE the aqua yarn my sister sent me, and could not bear to let it all be used on dishcloths. So with the remaining Sugar N’ Cream aqua colored yarn I started the hat, and when I ran out, I switched to some white Sugar N’ Cream yarn that I’ve carried around since my teen years. I love how the soft medium thick yarn turned out with this make shift pattern! ♥ )

For the hanging ties:
Ch 50, tie off. (make 4), knot two chains together for the “ties” that hang down on each side, attach to hat.

for the little crocheted star/flower, I freehanded that, then counted stiches:
leave a long-ish tail, ch 3, join to form loop
*ch 3, slip st in 2nd chain and 3rd chain from loop, slip st in loop*
repeat from * to * 4 times
tie off in front of star, then use the hook to pull the knot through the center, to the back. Use the loose strings to tie to the hat.

Hope that all makes sense!

Just days after finishing the hat, I happened on this pattern, at A Crafter xD blog, that is perfect! I’ll definitely have to try making this hat sometime also!

Halloween Costume – Part 1 – Hair Falls

Every year I’m a different random fairy, why bother creating a costume to be anything else, it’s the only day of the year that I get to wear wings! This year, after a little thought, it came to me! This year I’ll be a Fruit Fairy! :)

I did a google image search for “fruit fairy costume” to get some ideas flowing, and came across something I’ve never seen before, it’s called a hair fall, and I saw it first at this etsy shop: FancyFairieGirl

I LOVE how they the etsy one turned out, and I briefly considered buying them instead of making them, but that isn’t my way, and besides I have tons of yarn. I did a quick “how to hair fall” search, and arrived at the below video.

So this weekend I gathered up some colors and set to work! I added some crochet chains, and braids to mine, and also I used the back of a chair instead of a table, but otherwise did just like the video shows, and they turned out cute!


My hair fall colors, number of strands wrapped around the chair:
30 Pink
10 Orange
5 Red
10 Purple
20 yellow
15 Green
10 White
5 Grey