2014 Garden – Day 4: Tire Pots

I saw this photo on Pintrest, and not realizing that was a tire got very attached to making one. I only hesitated slightly when discovering that it was a tire, figuring that it could not be too hard to make. I researched thoroughly how to cut and how to turn the tire, using mostly google search, pintrest, and youtube.

I even went so far as to buy the supplies, and bike with my trailer to get a couple tires. But when we tried cleaning them we could not get them clean enough that any of us wanted a touch them enough to turn them inside out. So sadly, this was a bust.

Here is what I learned, in case you feel more inclined to attempt this :)

Shopping List:
Box cutter $2, or roofing hook $20
Cheap scrubber
Outdoor primer paint
Outdoor paint or outdoor spray paint
A free tire from auto shop

Some tips I picked up from watching at least an hour of YouTube videos on the subject:
-Use a hooked roofing tool for fast slicing through the tire part.
-This will take at least two strong adults to accomplish easily.
-Remember to make holes in the bottom for proper drainage.
-Use a base coat of primer paint before painting on your colored paint.

Helpful Videos:

Tire Flower Planter

Turning a Tire – Quickest Way

Awesome pots, LOVE the copper colored paint