A Huge Braided Rug

I saw an ‘free ad’ on craigslist for old unusable t-shirts and sweaters, and immediately thought Braided Rugs!! With a large cold kitchen floor, and chilly concrete garage floor in front of the washing machine, I got started right away.

Step One:
I googled how to make fabric yarn from shirts, there are all kinds of tutorials out there, the one that helped me most was at the blog My Wild Acres.

Step Two:
I braided the sweaters that I’d cut into ‘yarn’. It was easiest when my hubby would hold the braid tight to keep my tension, while we watched movies. I did find that I could hold it with my foot also.

Step Three:
There are MANY tutorials on this part as well. Unfortunately they are all for t-shirt braided rugs and I didn’t anticipate how hard on my machine sweater fabric would be. Two shattered needles later, I gave up, and my project stalled. Until I discovered heavy duty needles! YAY!