Old Frames for Dry Erase Notes

I saw this awesome idea at the blog Break for Mommy, a dry erase board that instead of being boring white, could be customized with scrapbooking paper in a frame! How right up my alley!! I’ve been wanting to get a board, or cork board, or chalkboard, or something for the entry way for reminders, notes, and weather. Most especially for the weather, so that I know if I need to take rain gear. We got the matching frames from goodwill, with their only redeeming factors that that they had Goodwill’s “color of the week” sticker, making them half off! As soon as we got them home, we repainted them, and I set to work making the 11×17 inch inserts to print out. I think they turned out perfect for our needs, if you like the inserts you can download them here: Entry Way “Dry Erase” Board

For the frame I asked what kind of paint to use at a tool store and they said to use acrylic. I bought a small bottle at Joann’s, along with a sponge brush, which worked for both large frames…. Before and after:

Also, we used this great tip for hanging the frames: Painters Tape to Hang a Frame

Winter Gear Pouches

Now that winter has descended, my entry way is a disaster. Sweaters, coats, backpacks, gloves, scarves, hats, etc for four people. It’s simply more than the coat rack can handle. I saw this great pouch idea from Craftsy, and better yet saw an idea to use an embroidery hoop around the top of a fabric bag to keep it open.

I got a yard of black flannel, then:
1. Cut it into even fourths, cut a strip off the top for the hanging loop.
2. Sewed up the sides and around the top.
3. Sewed the loop to the ‘back’ of the pouch.
4. I didn’t like the look of the wood hoop on top of the bag, so instead I folded the top of the bag around the hoop, and secured the hidden hoop with hand stitching.

This perfect set up ensures that coats and backpacks have room on the coatrack while everything else is able to be pulled from the pouch at top speed while rushing out the door to catch the bus!