Meg’s Earring Holder

Meg has been talking about getting her ears pierced since she was five, not ready yet, but interested in the process. Around six, she told me that she wanted to get them done at eight years old, she knows her own mind, and has held to that decision for the last two years. This month she is turning eight, so we had a girls afternoon out to pierce her ears and spend the rest of her birthday money on earrings.

But then arrives the quandary of earring storage. Meg wants to use a pencil case, and all the mixed up earrings will just roll around in it, so I struck on this hopefully genius idea! I got a small sheet of Plastic Canvas, and cut it the size of the pencil case, then edged it with a contrasting yarn. Now it’s a an earring holder, inside the pencil case!

Here is a quick video of meg’s experience with new earrings: