Cheap Solution with Crochet

Our new bathroom door has no lock. I considered buying and decorating one of those wooden door hangers from the craft store, but why buy what you can make? ;)

I free handed this door hanger yesterday, it fits nicely over the handle, and works perfect! So I counted my stiches to put together this quick pattern for you!

Door Hanger
Round 1: with first color, ch 24, join to form a ring
Round 2: *ch 5, count two ch, join on second ch* repeat around from *, then slip st in first ch
Round 3: with second color, ch 1 in loop to join, *8 sc in loop* repeat around from *, then slip st in first ch
Weave in ends, done!

Hope that makes sense! This is not the first time I’ve made my own pattern, but it is the first time that I’ve shared a pattern with someone else, let me know if doesn’t work and I’ll try to adjust my wording! Happy crocheting!