DIY Kindle Cover

I love the smell and feel of books, and just would not consider trading those for another screen in my life, however, I have finally broke down and bought a kindle.

It’s hard to hold onto a heavy book when you are standing on the train, and often there are things I want to read that are not audio, but are in ebook form. However, the main reason that I finally agreed to a kindle was to replace my recipe book in the kitchen. I was forever printing new recipes, or making changes to a recipe and reprinting it. So now I store my cookbook files on my kindle and access them without running all the way to the computer or wasting paper by printing them. It’s a system that is working very well!

The one thing I could NOT agree with was wasting money on a cover. So using scraps I had around the house, I made a soft cover.
1. Measured out a scrap of flannel, and a scrap of cotton.
2. Hem the cotton.
3. Pin the cotton inside to the flannel outside with a layer of felt in the middle for padding.
4. Also pin in the straps.
5. Sew a finishing stitch around the edge of everything.
Simple :)