Pencil Drawing Outline Scrapbook Page

A couple months ago I posted how to turn a photo into a pencil drawing, I did this initially because of a photo I saw where just the outlines of pencil drawing where scrapbooked into a beautiful mess of a page. And I wanted to recreate that. I love how the first page turned out, and as I turned to the second page decided to type the steps out as I went along:

Place the pencil drawing on a solid light colored background paper
Change the blending mode to “Darken”
Use “Eraser Tool” to remove anything extra around the subject
Use the “Dodge Tool” to soften edges if needed
Place a patterned paper over everything
Use “Eraser Tool” set large on a feather brush with “Opacity & Flow both set to 50% to remove the pattern over the face
Use Blending tools to mix papers and elements around the face
Clip papers to the words by putting the paper over the text and press “Alt & Ctrl+G” to create a “Clipping Mask”
Finish scrapbooking with elements

This is different than anything I’ve ever done before, more artistic than archive, and I love it!!

(click on it to see more detail)

Photo to Pencil Drawing with Photoshop

I saw a really cute scrapbook page, with just the outline of a child’s face blended with a scrapbook paper. It was too cute, I just had to try it! I’ve never had much luck with the technique of turning a photo into a drawing, so looked on you tube for a few different ways, the best one I found was here: Turn a Photograph Into A Drawing | Photoshop CS5 Tutorial
Using Photoshop CS:
Duplicate Background
Ctrl & Shift + U
Duplicate Layer
Press: Ctrl + I (to invert it)
Change blend mode to: Color Dodge
(will look all white)
Go to Layer, Smart Objects
Click on Convert to Smart Object
Go to Filter, Blur, Motion Blur
Set to: Angle 34 and Distance 387
Duplicate the middle Layer, put layer on top
Go to Filter, Stylize, Glowing Edges
Set to: Edge Width 1,
Edge Bright 16, Smoothness 15
Press: Ctrl + I (to invert it)
Change blend mode to: Multiply
Go to Layer, New Adjustment Layer,
Level, and set:
Black input to 12, Midpoint to .8

When I was finished turning the photo into a pencil drawing I flattened it and dragged it my scrapbook page. I changed the blending mode of it until I found the perfect one to match my papers (which are also blended), and added the rest of the elements of the page. I don’t think it looks much like my usual scrapbooking, but then it’s really fun to do something so different, and I LOVE how it turned out!

Teeth Brushing Sign

Megan had her first cavity last week, and apprehensively went to the dentist. Luckily the cavity was in a baby tooth, but she had her wakeup call – she MUST brush her teeth more often!

So I made her this sign, and hung it in the bathroom, it not only reminders her to brush her teeth, but it reminds me to ask and reminder her as well.

Download a printable version here: Teeth Sign PDF

Digital Scrapbooking Supplies

When I buy digital scrapbooking supplies, they are usually on sale, because my favorite supplies are free ones…


-free supplies links-

Designer Digitals
New Free Item Each Week!
And you can download past weeks as far as a few months back!

Digital Freebies
They have a “Friday freebie” and many archived past freebies

Shabby Princess
They rarely have a new free kit, but when they do it’s beautiful!
And in the meantime, you can download all their past free kits!

Scrap Girls
Occasional new free items, and also archived past freebies

Occasional new free items, and a few archived past freebies

Scrapbook Bytes
Requires a login, free to join. Occasional new free items, and many archived past freebies

Studio Fergs
A free kit for joining, other free items through a newsletter

Traci Reed Designs
A bunch of free downloads for joining, and other ‘free gifts’ through a newsletter

Free Fonts


-cheap supplies links-

Once a month they offer $1 items at an online event they call the Pickle Barrel.
Sign up for their newsletter and you’ll always know when it’s Pickle Barrel time!!

Digital Scrapbook Place
They have a 99 cent item of the week, and good specials or freebies sometimes.

Designer Digitals
They have a few 99 cent items, and good specials sometimes.

The Daily Digi
And finally, the best in cheap scrapbooking kit supplier is The Daily Digi! For only $7.50 a month you get many high quality kits from designers that you may never have seen otherwise!
Even when money got tight I would not give up my Daily Digi membership.

My very last tip is to be signed up for the emailed newsletter of your favorite designers or websites in time for Digital Scrapbook Day in November!

I hope my guide helps bulk up your personal scrapbooking supplies, and the beauty of digital supplies is that you can use them over and over again in endless combinations!

New Scrapping Techniques

I of course like to try new things, so when I decided to break the mold of my usual scrapbooking techniques, I was rather pleased with the result.

I keep seeing scrapbook pages with teeny tiny photos in just one corner, and there is never photos that I want to do that with, I’m proud of my photography, and want it as large as possible, but with these couple of pages, I found that smaller photos worked quite well!

Workout Exercise Game

Over a year and half ago I severely injured my ankle, I was in a wheelchair for the first week, then crutches, and finally a walking cast for a couple months. It was a stupid thing really, I slipped when I was finally coaxed onto the dance floor during my first (AND LAST!) time ‘clubbing’ with some coworkers who persuaded me to go with them. If there is anyone in the world who doesn’t belong at a nightclub, it’s me… like a cat in water, I’m just happier elsewhere.

Well, anyway. About that time, I’d purchased some sessions with a personal trainer, and was starting to learn how to complete a proper workout at home. I had all the basics down, finished my last session with him, set up my mini ‘home gym’ with a balance ball, yoga mat, and stop watch – then damaged my ankle. Even now, a year and half later it is still stiff in the morning, and a quite achy after walking too long. But since it’s healing, if slowly, I feel ready to attempt a workout routine again! I pulled out the workout cards, basically notes from my time with the personal trainer, that I’ve set up as a sort of card game. I have a stack of cards, on the front are the categories: Legs, Core, Back & Chest, Shoulders & Arms, and on the back are my notes. I choose a card from each group, then an extra leg card, to do a work out like this:
-A “Plank”
-The Leg exercise card
-The Core exercise card
-The Back & Chest exercise card
-The Leg exercise card
-The Shoulders & Arms exercise card
REPEAT exact exercises from all above cards, then
-A “Plank”
This should take about 20 minutes total.
At the end, set aside the cards, so the next workout will be with different cards.
At the beginning of each week, shuffle the cards and start again.

As I learn more, or see other exercises that I like, I have a stack of blank cards to fill in and add to my exercise game! You can download the cards I use here:
Workout Cards – Filled in, not ready to print, but you can flip through them for inspiration.
Workout Cards – Blank, print double sided on cardstock

Who needs a gym, when you have imagination!

Other tips that I learned from the personal trainer:
1. You want a varied workout, if you always do the same thing it will not be as effective.
2. Do weights and toning every other day, with cardio on the days in-between.
3. Try to hit most of your muscles in each workout, which is why my notes are separated into the four groups.

Scrapbook Journaling

I’ve finally got around to scrapbooking mother’s day and wanted to mention that I’ve learned journaling is as important as the pictures. They go hand in hand. When I first started scraping I would simply put the name, date, and possibly location on a page, and I wish now that I would have done more. On almost all my scrapbooks these days there is a story, or at least more information than a date and name. For example this mother’s day I had my hubby conduct a survey from my girls asking questions like ‘what food does mom make best’, or ‘what makes mom laugh’ , and those answers are a window into this era of our journey, something that will be fun to look at later on down the road.


Each year I have a different theme for Christmas Cards:

2006 – Little Reindeer


2007 – Candy Canes, that resulted in this awesome shot as my daughter nearly poked out an eye! Lol

and this christmas card:


2008 – Snowflakes, I loved seeing the girls in their matching jackets.


2009 – This was a rough year for me, no cards, barely a Christmas, I was going to school full time, work full time, and saving every penny to move to Oregon. I do love this photo of my little Kay in the Christmas dress her grandma gave her!


2010 – Our Christmas Reindeer, we traditionally have these little stuffed animals under the tree, and this year they featured in our cards


2011 – Matching Sweaters in front of evergreen trees


2012 – Christmas Lights, wrapped around the girls :)


2013 – This year I was unsure of what to do, kind of running out of Christmasy ideas, I saw an elf hat, and thought elves! But my almost eight year old said no way, in no uncertain terms. I was still casting around for ideas when… it snowed!! Perfect!



Christmas Eve Treasure Hunt

A Christmas Eve tradition in our family is to open one small gift on Christmas Eve. I took this a step further with my girls, and they have to go on a treasure hunt for it! I didn’t have time to think of clues this year, so I googled ‘treasure hunt clues’ and ended up viewing an awesome list at There were so many clues at the site, that I prepared a hunt for this year AND next year!

I chose clues relevant to our household, and arranged them to go from room to room. After I print them out I like to use scissors to curl the paper slips, just like curly ribbon, so the girls have to unroll them. Also, the easiest way to do the clues is start at the end to work your way backwards, cutting and curling the clues as you go along. Download the ready to print clues here: Christmas Eve Treasure Hunt Printable Clues

Old Frames for Dry Erase Notes

I saw this awesome idea at the blog Break for Mommy, a dry erase board that instead of being boring white, could be customized with scrapbooking paper in a frame! How right up my alley!! I’ve been wanting to get a board, or cork board, or chalkboard, or something for the entry way for reminders, notes, and weather. Most especially for the weather, so that I know if I need to take rain gear. We got the matching frames from goodwill, with their only redeeming factors that that they had Goodwill’s “color of the week” sticker, making them half off! As soon as we got them home, we repainted them, and I set to work making the 11×17 inch inserts to print out. I think they turned out perfect for our needs, if you like the inserts you can download them here: Entry Way “Dry Erase” Board

For the frame I asked what kind of paint to use at a tool store and they said to use acrylic. I bought a small bottle at Joann’s, along with a sponge brush, which worked for both large frames…. Before and after:

Also, we used this great tip for hanging the frames: Painters Tape to Hang a Frame

Holiday Tealights!

When I saw the washi taped tealights at The Benson Street blog, my first thought was ‘where can I buy holiday washi tape’, and my second thought was ‘I can make it myself!’

I digital scrapbooked a template to cut strips of printed paper to glue onto the tin part of the tealight. The results were great!

Download the template here: Tealight Strips Template
Simply use the guides to cut any paper into the perfect size strips!

I’m Already Missing October…

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Lunch Box Fun! Fruit Faces…

When looking into plastic free and glass free options for school lunches I settled on stainless steel. Since it’s VERY expensive comparatively, I poured over the reviews of every stainless steel lunch container on amazon. Some lids were too tight, others too loose. Some were too hard for children to open, some of them turned strange colors, or rusted. Finally, like Goldilocks, I found one that was just right. Greentainer. ( So I ordered one in each size and they have been working perfectly!

A while ago I saw this funny idea on the blog Eclectic Lamb, to make lunch box items with faces on them, or to put faces on them. I immediately thought of some scrapbooking supplies I have that would be perfect for that! I got them all onto a sheet of paper, printed it in color, cut them out, and stuck them on with a daub of honey. This is one of the small pears I sent to school with my daughter! ♥


You can download the page that I used to decorate her lunch here:
Fruit Faces to Print

They came from these digital scrapbooking websites:
Kate Hadfield Designs – “Beths Belief”
The Daily Digi – “Things I Love About You”

My Mom’s Birthday

I sent this digitally scrapbooked print to my mom for her birthday, to update the frame in her room. For more info on this project see my post from this summer: For my Dad!

Teacher’s Helper – Math Puzzles

My sister is doing her student teaching this year, and she asked me to help her with a project she’d seen. A puzzle that you put together using math, it was a file she had seen, but she needed five different ones, so I created a template for her to use to make as many as she needed!

Below are two different ways to achieve the same end. There is one way to make the puzzle using Photoshop, and one way to just print and go!
To Use the Photoshop Template file:
Step 1: Follow this link to my Dropbox: Photoshop Template file
Step 2: Click on the “Download” button, and choose “Direct Download”
Step 3: Open the file in Adobe Photoshop CS3 or Adobe Photoshop Elements
(I would suggest that every time you use the template, you open it, then save it with a new name before changing anything, so you don’t change the actual template)
Step 4: Go to the Horizontal Type Tool, the little “T” button on the side panel of photoshop
Step 5: Change all the numbers to make equations, or delete some of the numbers so it’s less confusing.
Step 6: Drag a background to the template, and layer it behind the puzzle pieces (also you could lighten it).
Step 7: Save the file as a “jpeg”
Step 8: Print out the puzzle on 8×11.5 white cardstock
Step 9: Cut out the puzzle pieces, and they are ready for leaning!
This screenshot is of the puzzle template, ready for typed equations, to be printed with/on top of a digital scrapbook paper.

To Use the PNG file:
Step 1: Follow this link to my Dropbox: PNG file
Step 2: Click on the “Download” button, and choose “Direct Download”
Step 3: Print out the puzzle on 8×11.5 cardstock or scrapbook paper, (or using photoshop for digital scrapbook paper)
Step 4: Hand write equations on the puzzle
Step 9: Cut out the puzzle pieces, and they are ready for leaning!

This photo is of a puzzle that was printed using only the PNG file on top of a digital scrapbook paper, with handwritten equations.

Hope this helps you out, and let me know if you have ANY questions, really! Contact Me Here