Blocking Crochet

Just wanted to mention that when I made the crochet fruit the other day, I decided to ‘block’ them, and while I was at it I did the fall leaves I made last month too. It’s been a long time since I blocked anything, but the process is simple enough, soak the item in water for about a half hour, then pull it into shape, and stick pins in in to force the shape, even after it’s dry again. Blocking on a fluffy towel has the benefit of both giving something for the pins to stick into, and soaking up the excess water as the item dries. My mother often used starch when blocking, but even as a teen I didn’t like the stiff feeling that gave my work, and now that I’m shunning most chemicals these days, an extra aerosol can around the house seems counterintuitive. So, I used water only, and for this project, it worked just fine!