Unexpected things to Compost!

I found this AWESOME list on pintrest!! I had no idea we could compost so many things around the house, so I copied and pasted the list into a new Word Doc, deleted the things that don’t apply to us, made the font a little larger, and put it in two columns to get it on one sheet of paper. I’ve since posted it on the side of the fridge as a reminder and resource of what we are able to compost.

Download the PDF of the one I made: Compost Fridge List
or make your own from the original list here: smallfootprintfamily.com


I’ve been wanting to start composting since the moment we moved into the house last spring, however I don’t have great skill with building things, and we didn’t really have money for the wood anyway. I happened to see a compost bin made of pallets in the Mother Earth News magazine a couple months ago, and filed away the info for a later day, and that day finally arrived!

I daily check the free section of craigslist, and sometimes I see free wooden pallets, and email about them, but I’m always too late. So anyway, Sunday morning we groggily stumbled out of bed, turned on a heater, and began poking around in the kitchen for breakfast. I turned on the power strips in the front room, and turned on the computer… …checked my email… then checked the free section… and… FREE PALLETS!! A whole stack of them! Posted late the previous night, so there was a good chance they were still available, and with an address so I didn’t have to try to contact anyone! I quickly google mapped the address… and… they were only several blocks away!!!!!! Too good to be true! I raced around the house gathering people, shoes, jackets, hurriedly explaining my plan. All Sunday morning sleepiness gone, we shot out the door at a half run, pulling our garden cart, and hoping for the best!

The best happened! The whole stack was still there! We got the pick of the best ones, and dragged them home eight blocks to build this fabulous compost structure!!

I’ve read the compost section in several books over the last year as I’ve been starting to garden. Apprently none of it really stuck in my mind though, so I’ve been following this easy guide for layering the compost: WikiHow – How to Compost