Christmas Eve Treasure Hunt

A Christmas Eve tradition in our family is to open one small gift on Christmas Eve. I took this a step further with my girls, and they have to go on a treasure hunt for it! I didn’t have time to think of clues this year, so I googled ‘treasure hunt clues’ and ended up viewing an awesome list at There were so many clues at the site, that I prepared a hunt for this year AND next year!

I chose clues relevant to our household, and arranged them to go from room to room. After I print them out I like to use scissors to curl the paper slips, just like curly ribbon, so the girls have to unroll them. Also, the easiest way to do the clues is start at the end to work your way backwards, cutting and curling the clues as you go along. Download the ready to print clues here: Christmas Eve Treasure Hunt Printable Clues

Christmas Gift Planning

As any crafter knows, christmas gift planning is a yearlong endeavor. Planning/finding patterns, gathering supplies during sales, finding spare moments to sew unnoticed by the recipient, it’s hard work! I usually get too busy to start until July, but this summer has been rather hectic, especially the last month, and now I find myself in autumn with only half baked christmas plans! Yikes!!

I have a few crochet toys that I know I want to make, so I’ll start with those, and post them as I finish them. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a Christmas gift from last year that took quite a bit of my time.

The collaged photo is scans of the seven set kitchen towels that I made for my mom last year. My sister had the idea, seven ‘day-of-the-week’ towels, each one different, with a pansy flower theme. My sisters paid for the towels, and I did the work, so it was a group gift. It was quite a project, from google searching all the elements, digitally scrapbooking them together, tracing them into the pattern I was envisioning, then tracing them again with an iron on pencil, then embroidering them onto the loose weave flour sack towels that I mom prefers (over the firm flower sack towels that are much easier, and faster, to embroidery on). It was large task to take on, but if you decide to use any of the patterns, at least the work is half done for you! Download the patterns here: Pansy Embroidery Towel Patterns

And I wish you luck on planning for this year! Less than three months to Christmas!