Christmas Bunny

I wanted to briefly share the silly gift that I made for my hubby this year. We sometimes use facebook chat to communicate when a phone is unavailable, and my husband uses this set of ‘stickers’ within facebook chat. They are drawings of a very expressive bunny, and although it’s childish we both enjoy them. I hit on the idea to try to crochet the facebook bunny. I searched around for a bunny pattern that might work, and I found it at the blog AmiguruMEI.

I of course made some alterations, attempting to capture the magic that is the comical facebook bunny. I think I came close, and my husband got a good laugh, so it was worth the effort.

Learning New Stiches

I wanted to briefly share a christmas gift kitchen towel I made for my sister-in-law last year. I’m particularly proud of it for the stitching on the scarf which I gleaned from a library book full of embroidery stiches. The kitty’s scarf just would not be the same without that stich.

It was an important reminder for me that you can always learn more about a craft that you feel proficient at!

Fairy Kittens for Christmas

I’ve always been enchanted with the idea of a fairy kitten with little wings, and so when I came across a crochet kitten pattern it sparked the idea to make one with wings! That pattern turned out to not be what I was looking for, exactly, so I searched around, I prefer to have a pattern base so that I’m not wasting time, or feel like I’m reinventing the wheel, but I could not find exactly what I was looking for, and then realized that it doesn’t matter for this project, basic head, body, leg shapes will do, so I adapted the pattern from the blog Bethsco, and then I got the butterfly wings from here: By Hook by Hand – Butterflies
Kitty Headband
leave long tail
ch 4, join to form loop
*ch 7, slip st in loop*
repeat from * 4 times around
leave long tail
secure to cat as a headband

My Winter Scarf

My sister sent me some ultra-soft chunky chenille yarn, so I had to make a scarf! I settled on a wrap scarf that I could pull up to protect my cheeks and mouth in winter weather. This is the pattern I used:

Chain 125. Slip stitch to join into the first stitch.
Row 1: Ch 3, dc into fourth chain from the hook, and in each dc around, slip stitch into first stitch to join
Row 2: *Join new color with ch 3, dc in each dc around, slip stitch into first stitch to join*
Row 3: Repeat from *
Weave in ends
This pattern is adapted from the blog Prudent Baby – Chunky Crochet Wrap Scarf Pattern

I also made a matching hair band, loosely based off a pattern at Raverly: Ribbed Earwarmer/Headband by Cheni

Teacher Gifts, Bags & Bons Bons

Not having much experience yet with teacher gifts, I hope I sent a good gift. I embroidered this tree on a reusable bag, one that I made with a size large enough to hold a binder and papers, and that I hope would be helpful to a teacher. Then I attached a small bag of bon bons that are a family specialty, because it’s the holidays and that means chocolate!

Peanut Butter Bons Bons
Makes one tray full

½ cup peanut butter
½ cup butter
1 ½ cup powdered sugar
1 cup graham cracker crumbs
6 oz of chocolate

Mix all ingredients except of chocolate.
Form into small balls.
Melt chocolate and dip.
Let dry and enjoy.

Rainbow Scarf

Last year I bought Kay a brightly colored scarf on clearance, which she lost on her first outing with it. She was heartbroken, and I could not get a replacement. When is started to get chilly this year she asked for a new scarf, and when I saw this rainbow one, I knew that I had to make one for a christmas gift! I saw the pattern first at Crafty Is Cool, and got it to fit on one page for ease of crafting, you can download it here: Rainbow Scarf Pattern

Christmas Gift Planning

As any crafter knows, christmas gift planning is a yearlong endeavor. Planning/finding patterns, gathering supplies during sales, finding spare moments to sew unnoticed by the recipient, it’s hard work! I usually get too busy to start until July, but this summer has been rather hectic, especially the last month, and now I find myself in autumn with only half baked christmas plans! Yikes!!

I have a few crochet toys that I know I want to make, so I’ll start with those, and post them as I finish them. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a Christmas gift from last year that took quite a bit of my time.

The collaged photo is scans of the seven set kitchen towels that I made for my mom last year. My sister had the idea, seven ‘day-of-the-week’ towels, each one different, with a pansy flower theme. My sisters paid for the towels, and I did the work, so it was a group gift. It was quite a project, from google searching all the elements, digitally scrapbooking them together, tracing them into the pattern I was envisioning, then tracing them again with an iron on pencil, then embroidering them onto the loose weave flour sack towels that I mom prefers (over the firm flower sack towels that are much easier, and faster, to embroidery on). It was large task to take on, but if you decide to use any of the patterns, at least the work is half done for you! Download the patterns here: Pansy Embroidery Towel Patterns

And I wish you luck on planning for this year! Less than three months to Christmas!