Summer Reading Chart

Our library’s summer reading program is sadly very lame, it’s just a half sheet of paper to write down the titles of 20 books you read, then you get a free book. Nothing like the awesome programs I had when I was a kid! On giant pieces of paper, and you got little prizes along the way! Oh! The fun of coloring in each stepping stone on the path to a new prize!! Even if the prize was just a sticker! And then you got a free book at the very end. So I wanted to create something exciting!

I began by combing Pinterest for ideas. I was thinking that I would make a chart then print two of them, and of course I’d have to find prizes that I could afford to buy two of… then I got this great idea from a blog post at Women Living Well to make it joint effort! If you have two children at different reading levels, make them one chart, then as a team they are working together to get prizes. Genius!

So I scrapbooked this chart, with all their favorite things! And, not only do they love the idea and the chart, they are actually using it!! Such FUN!

Side Note: I DO allow them to read to each other to mark off two books, because they are still participating in books.

Another Note: I remembered (after printing this chart, on giant 17 x 11 paper in color), that when I was a kid each stepping stone was 15 minutes, so I might lower the each book to 15 minutes instead of 30, depending on how slow filling in the chart is going, lol

Summer Reading Chart

I know it’s a little late to ‘start’ summer reading, however, we are still a month away from school beginning, and the library’s summer reading program has ended. So I find myself needing to motivate a soon to be second grader who is already struggling in reading, because if I don’t keep up what she does know, I fear she will get even farther behind than she is, even just one month of no reading could be detrimental, and I’m not above bribery.

I’ve scrapbooked this handy dandy chart, I don’t know yet what I’ll use for incentive, something along the lines of ripe pears, chocolate, or ‘mom cleans her room’, things that she likes or are out of the ordinary, I’ll work out the prizes with her. For books I’ll be using some in her grade level from the library, and some copies of books that her teacher sent home for her to practice over the summer. I LOVE reading, I’m hoping that once she gets the basics down, she will be as ecstatic about reading as I am! Until then it’s time for some summer reading with prizes attached…

Click here to download the chart in PDF

This chart is ready to be printed at 11×17 inches, and colored by a happy creative child