Swift Last Minute Birthday Gift

My girls, with two introverted parents, rarely get to attend parties of any kind. I try to get them to school events with some regularity, but when it comes to say birthday parties in the homes of people I don’t know well… they are too stressful for me, and emotionally draining, so that happens never. Until yesterday. I actually attended a party. But to cut a very long story short, I didn’t remember that I was supposed to bring a gift, until the night before as I was falling asleep. The next morning I hastily did a quick google search for “crochet toy”, and located a great idea for a fairy wand. Two hours later, with my mini masterpiece complete and wrapped, we hurried out the door, and arrived at the party only fifteen minutes late! Whew! The six year old birthday girl seemed to love her new fairy wand, my girls had a fun time, and I survived through the social ordeal.

The idea for the fairy wand is located here: Tangled Happy – Wands

The pattern is here: Tangled Happy – Stars

See the website above for the star pattern, make two of them. Then, there were no instructions after creating the stars, so this is what I did to make the fairy wand:

For the stick part of the wand I crocheted:
Round 1: Ch 2, 4 sc in 2nd ch from hook
Round 2 – 6: *1 sc in each sc* repeat
Round 6 and up: ch about a 100 I think
Then I grabbed a pencil, stuffed the eraser into the little tight tube I’d crocheted, and did knitting “cast on” stiches to attach the crocheted chain to cover the pencil, make the cast on stiches really tight and close, so you can’t see the pencil at all.

To attach the stars to the wand, I crocheted:
– Ch 10, sc into the back of the 10 chain stiches
– slip st through both stars, slip st all the way around, connecting them together
-stuff a little yarn or stuffing into the stars before doing the last slip stiches
– after the last slip st, ch 15, sc into the back of the 15 chain stiches
– Finish off. Weave ends into the star, out of sight.
– shove the pencil point first into the star, pull the edges down over the ‘cast on’ stiches, to completely hide the fact you used a pencil instead of a dowel rod :)
– use the two ties you made at the base of the star to tie it onto the pencil, I think I tied it twice, making really tight knots.

I was working at a frantic speed, and making things up as I go along, above instructions are from my hazy memory of yesterday morning, so hopefully it all makes sense.

Happy Crocheting!

My Mom’s Birthday

I sent this digitally scrapbooked print to my mom for her birthday, to update the frame in her room. For more info on this project see my post from this summer: For my Dad!