Triptych Wall Art

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Just want to take a moment to share the art I designed for my front room. It’s a three piece project that stretches over three frames, sometimes called a Triptych. I’ve always loved dandelions, and dandelion art, so it was with much joy that I gathered silhouettes of all my favorite things, a few of our family mottos, some input from my hubby, and created these posters. I had them printed as Engineer Prints from Staples, and put them in movie poster frames. LOVE how they turned out!!

201508027 - big art

Photos of Art

With school starting today, I wanted to take a moment to do an elementary school related post… I once had a coworker with a nine year old son, who bought several filing cabinets to store all of her son’s creations, every drawing and school project was filed away, she said she keeps every tiny bit. That is impossible for me to do, my girls rarely play with toys, instead preferring to create. Drawings, paintings, stapled “books” of paper with whole stories inside, plus all of the school related reports, art projects, and paintings, drawings, and worksheets with drawings. It’s just too much to maintain in filing cabinets.

Part of living simply, is having less stuff overflowing from closet shelves, in 2008 before I’d ever heard the term live simply, I was craving simplicity and we first began to go through our junk and de-clutter. I scanned in all our paperwork, and we went digital with as much paperwork as we could, including our children’s artwork.

I scan it all in with their name and date, we save up some and do it every other month or so, and then as I have time I turn the best art into scrapbook pages, that later become printed books. The items that are too large, or are 3D shaped, we take photos of. Anything that the girls’ are REALLY proud of goes in their keepsake box with their newborn hats and first shoes, etc – everything else is recycled. Here are a few pieces of ‘art’ I found lying around the playroom…