Leather Jump Ropes

When I can’t get to the gym, or just for fun, I’ve been trying jump rope. I got a book about jump rope for exercise from the library called “Jump Rope Training” by Buddy Lee. My rope is strong cord with wooden handles that I got from Goodwill for $3, and I like it a lot, it’s well weighted.

Jared wanted to try a leather rope, so we put some research into one, apparently it’s a good idea to oil the rope before use so that it doesn’t dry out and crack. The tip we got was from an Amazon.com reviewer to put the leather rope in Wesson Oil for three days, then wipe with a rag, and let dry for a couple days. We did that exactly and it seems to be working fine!

Learning to Fly

As part of Fit & Prepared year for our family, we’ve planned for a long time to get bikes, which is a fun plan in theory, but I don’t know how to ride a bike. I was never allowed while growing up, because I distinctly remember being told that a car would hit me and I’d die.

As terrified as I am of this inevitable fate, I searched all the stores for a bike that would fit my small frame, I finally had to resort to a youth bike, and everyone agreed that was the best size for me. When it was finally time to learn I almost said never mind, no thank you, I’d like to keep my feet on the ground where they belong… but I’d worked so hard to get this bike… and I had to try… so, to see my progress watch the one minutes video of me below, the song choice is predictable but fitting.

If you are just learning to ride, or ready to teach someone, the best tip that I got from one of the bike shops is to coast at first. Simply push off with your toes, then let momentum carry you as far as you will go to learn balance, and practice catching yourself before you tip over. I did this off and on throughout my very intense hour and half lesson, and I believe that it helped a lot!

Custom Water Glasses, Take 2!

I’m trying to get our family to drink more water! And after the last time I tried to create actual custom water glasses, and failed, I decided that instead of making a certain glass designated for water, I’d make something to mark any glass/cup.

Quick Glass Marking Band
ch 28, join to form loop
slip st in back loop of each ch
weave in ends

Now each member of the family can get a glass down, mark it with their band, place it on the glass tray next to the sink, and use it all day – this way not every cup in the house is dirty and strewn about the house! We are loving it so far!