Shoe Bag

My grandpa was from the Ozark mountains in Arkansas, “barefoot arkie” was proudly used as a common term in my family’s household, and possible for that reason no one in my family suffered shoes unless necessary. I was raised barefoot , or in sandals, during Arizona’s nearly unbearable summers, and after my brief three year stint in elementary school, returned to being barefoot as much as socially acceptable. So I was no stranger to the practice of being barefoot, what changed was my perception of why we should be barefoot, and why it’s healthier for our feet, from the book Born to Run, and since then I’ve worn shoes less and less in public. Carrying my sandals in my backpack to put on for stores, but enjoying every textured sidewalk between my home and my destination. In my last backpack I had a pouch dedicated to housing my shoes. I now have a new-to-me lighter weight backpack I got at a yard sale for 75 cents, but my shoes will have to go where I put my lunch, that’s a no go! Hence, a shoe bag! I started with a circle and 6 double crochet, then increased rounds until I got the size base I wanted, next I did 1 double crochet per double crochet up until I got the height required for my sandals. Another quick easy project for the train ride!!

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