Plastic… Socks?

I saw this great idea at Instructables to apply plastic to the bottom of socks, as a little protection against the continuing cold of spring, before I can really walk barefoot everywhere this summer, and I LOVED the idea. I found the liquid plastic at a hardware store, and Meg and I tried it out. Our first go went terrible, we tried to use a cardboard cutout inside the sock to hold it open, and the plastic seeped through the knit and stuck to the cardboard. We had to toss the whole mess in the trash. The second try went minimally better… I researched it a little more and saw someone who put their foot in a plastic sack then put the sock over that, so the plastic sock would mold to the foot as it dried. I took a book out to the patio, applied the plastic, then read for an hour or more before removing the socks to finish drying in the garage. Sadly, the plastic made the socks shrink and now they don’t fit me right. I’ve seen several websites where this project works, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I probably will not try again since I’m out of the liquid plastic, but it was a fun project to attempt! And I can’t wait to be able to go barefoot soon!

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