Focus on Food Essays and Recipes – Part 3

In 2012 I created a series of ‘essays’, which I scrapbooked and included in our family photo album to chart the changes we were making in our life then. For 2013 I did the same thing, but our focus has shifted slightly. We’ve done all we can at the moment to alter our behaviors when it comes to using too much electricity, or chemicals around the house, or simplifying life, so last year our whole focus was on food, and trying different ways of eating until we found one that stuck. So here is Part Three of the Seven Part series…

Changing the way you eat is not about cutting foods out of your diet. That’s the part most people get hung up on. It’s not about deprivation, it’s about change. Saying “I’m not going to eat cheese today” gets you nowhere. All you can think about is cheese. Instead, if all day you are thinking about the wonderful juicy peach you bought for an afternoon snack, and how tasty that will be, you have positive thoughts. What we learned this month is to focus on what we are able to enjoy. It can’t be looked at as “I’m going vegan, I can’t eat any ‘real’ food!”, or your list of eating choices will be very limited. It must be “I’m going vegan, I can eat these foods!” Then make a list of healthy sweet and satisfying vegan alternatives such as Pina Colada Juice, Bell Pepper Romaine Salad, Apples & Peanut Butter, Pistachios & Cashews, Cucumber Carrot Salad, and Fresh Oranges. Looking over even this short list, is it any wonder that simply eating healthier food can cure illness? I had the first salad of my life this year, and it was not so bad as I’d imagined!

These are our two favorite recipes from this month:
Pear Juice
2 Pears
2 Green Apples
1/4 Lemon (optional)

Mono Meal of Pears
dipped in real peanut butter and raw honey

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