Workout Exercise Game

Over a year and half ago I severely injured my ankle, I was in a wheelchair for the first week, then crutches, and finally a walking cast for a couple months. It was a stupid thing really, I slipped when I was finally coaxed onto the dance floor during my first (AND LAST!) time ‘clubbing’ with some coworkers who persuaded me to go with them. If there is anyone in the world who doesn’t belong at a nightclub, it’s me… like a cat in water, I’m just happier elsewhere.

Well, anyway. About that time, I’d purchased some sessions with a personal trainer, and was starting to learn how to complete a proper workout at home. I had all the basics down, finished my last session with him, set up my mini ‘home gym’ with a balance ball, yoga mat, and stop watch – then damaged my ankle. Even now, a year and half later it is still stiff in the morning, and a quite achy after walking too long. But since it’s healing, if slowly, I feel ready to attempt a workout routine again! I pulled out the workout cards, basically notes from my time with the personal trainer, that I’ve set up as a sort of card game. I have a stack of cards, on the front are the categories: Legs, Core, Back & Chest, Shoulders & Arms, and on the back are my notes. I choose a card from each group, then an extra leg card, to do a work out like this:
-A “Plank”
-The Leg exercise card
-The Core exercise card
-The Back & Chest exercise card
-The Leg exercise card
-The Shoulders & Arms exercise card
REPEAT exact exercises from all above cards, then
-A “Plank”
This should take about 20 minutes total.
At the end, set aside the cards, so the next workout will be with different cards.
At the beginning of each week, shuffle the cards and start again.

As I learn more, or see other exercises that I like, I have a stack of blank cards to fill in and add to my exercise game! You can download the cards I use here:
Workout Cards – Filled in, not ready to print, but you can flip through them for inspiration.
Workout Cards – Blank, print double sided on cardstock

Who needs a gym, when you have imagination!

Other tips that I learned from the personal trainer:
1. You want a varied workout, if you always do the same thing it will not be as effective.
2. Do weights and toning every other day, with cardio on the days in-between.
3. Try to hit most of your muscles in each workout, which is why my notes are separated into the four groups.

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