Quick Pineapple Apple Juice

My favorite two juice ingredients are green apples and pineapple, and suddenly I wondered if I could mix just those two with a good result? I also remembered the huge cans of 100% juice pineapple that I have not bought in years, more juice than I could get from a whole pineapple, at a much cheaper cost. And so I bring you Pineapple Apple Juice! The apple brings a freshness, and the pineapple gives it zip!

Pineapple Apple Juice
A three pound bag of apples
1 large can of 100% pineapple juice

-Wash the apples, cut them in moments with an apple corer, juice them with a masticating juicer.
-Strain the apple juice, pour five pint jars halfway full.
-Use pineapple juice to finish filling the five pint jars all the way to the very top lip of the jar.
-Screw lids on tightly, drink within 48 hours.

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