Learning Knitting Again?

A few months ago I worked out the basics of knitting, then forgot everything when I moved onto other projects. I put a lot of time into it recently to learn again, see my post Finally Learning Knitting. However it’s really slow going, and when I saw a lady on the train knitting with crazy speed I was entranced. I begged to know what she was doing, and she kindly introduced me to “Continental Knitting”. Apparently I’d learned the American way of knitting, which while accurate, is not the best for speed, and I like to do all things quickly. With a sigh, I realized that I was going to have learn knitting again, but at least third time’s the charm I guess! Over a couple lunch breaks I watched YouTube videos on learning continental knitting, it was so awkward at first I thought I might fail, however with relief I was able to do it without the visual, so I took my project to the train and after two more weeks of knitting dish clothes I feel like I’ve really got it down!

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