DIY Toxic-Free Laundry & Dishes

I just realized that I haven’t posted our DIY laundry and dish soap! After much research into making your own laundry and dish soap, reviewing countless recipes on blogs and from library books, requiring all kinds of expensive ingredients, essential oils, specialty products, grated bar soap, fresh lemons, or lye, or hours long boiling on the stove… I instead tried the simplest solution first. Just mix a bit of Borax with Washing Soda, and eureka! Clean clothes, clean dishes, toxic free. We don’t measure the exact amount every time, just a sprinkle a bit of each and start the washer or dishwasher, although if you want a gauge it’s about a couple TBLS of each.

Everywhere you look there are articles stating that laundry soap contains chemicals that may cause cancer, or are just not good for the environment, we simply don’t need them in the water supply. The most disturbing thing I’ve heard is that most of the laundry soap is filler, to make you use more, and buy more. So, keeping in mind that chemicals are expensive, and soap is not, why pay more for the toxic stuff?

Also, it’s a known fact that your clothes last longer if you don’t put them in the dryer, so hang your favorite shirts and skirts like I do with this awesome Portable Umbrella Style Clothes Dryer! When we were in an apartment I’d construct this in the playroom, or entry way, but now with our new rented house, I leave it up permanently in the garage right next to the washer.

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