Reblog: Lighter Than Air Peasant Top

Now that I’m passably good at making skirts, I’ve been wanting to try a peasant shirt, it’s making a comeback from the 70’s, and presumably the 1500’s, and I still love the look and comfort of them. I have purchased a few, but even though I really want to make my own, I’ve been putting it off since I’m scared of managing the armhole part. Eek!

I found this wonderful blog post, at My Gramma Said, about repurposing a regular t-shirt into a peasant shirt, and though this would be a wonderful starting point for shirt making. I got the whole blog post with pictures to fit on five pages, you can download that here: Lighter Than Air Peasant Top.

Soon after I saw that pattern, I happened to be at goodwill and found a perfect extra-large shirt for $3! That is a small enough investment to give me confidence, so let the sewing begin!

I didn’t want the ties hanging down in the front, so I just didn’t put them in. And the shirring didn’t quite work for me, not sure what I did wrong there. But otherwise, it turned out cute!

This is more of a summer shirt though, since it turns out almost sleevless, so I may try this all over again at the start of next summer…

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