Cheap and Cheerful Werewolf!

First of all I am thrilled the doing a guest post for my sister Starr. I think she is amazing and I love love reading her blog!

Here is a little background for costumes this year in our house. My 6 year old son wanted to be Scooby this year for Halloween. Nothing new, he wanted to be that last year. He adores Scooby so I thought this was perfect. However, strangely enough last year a few weeks before Halloween (and before I started his costume thankfully) he switched to wanting to use his costume from the previous year. Who was I to argue! lol SO this year Scooby Doo was on! That is until I overheard him talking to his dad a couple weeks ago about how excited he was to be a werewolf! What? I told him that it might be a good idea to tell the costume maker!

So……we started on the werewolf! We are on a shoestring budget these days and thanks to my upbringing can be very resourceful and crafty. I am not as good at recycling and upcycling as my sister Starr but I do enjoy the bits I do.

So I went to work, of course to get some inspiration I had some ideas but headed to pinterest and youtube to find out if I wanted to do would work. I had the idea to rough up a pair of jeans and to cut up a shirt and then to sew fur behind it so it would look like the fur was coming through as the clothes were being ripped by the werewolf transformation.

So first I checked my fabric stash and my moms fabric stash to see if we had any fur. Unfortunately we didn’t have any that would work so during fall break from school my son and I headed to Joanns. We found the perfect brown long hair fur! And it was only $17/yard…. (gasp) thankfully 1) it was on sale for 40% off and 2) they had a coupon for an additional 15% off in top of sale prices. So I got 1/2 of a yard for about $5.50 and decided whatever we did we would make it work. Next stop was the Dollar Tree, our local dollar store and we were able to find Halloween make up kit with the correct colors for…$1!!! I was going to head to Goodwill on a 50% off day to see if I could find some clothes to cut up. Before I could get there we had some very unexpected medical bills come up and I was looking for even more ways to cut corners. I remembered that I had just gone through my sons clothes to weed out the ones that don’t fit anymore. We headed to the pile to find something that wasn’t to tight. My light bulb idea was to cut the clothes up anyway, so I figured I could cut the waistband and collar on the shirt to make it work. My son was excited to search through the pile! We found my favorite pair of jeans that I was sad he grew out of and then his favorite worn faded camo t-shirt.

So with my total cost at $6.50 I was excited to get started. I started by “aging” the jeans by taking my gingher scissors, opening them up and scraping them. You need to apply a good amount of pressure to this step. As you do this fuzz comes up from the jeans and eventually you will see the threads start to get bare and show through. At this point I would keep rubbing and pulling threads away. I would then also pull the jeans on either side of the whole to rip and tear the jeans. I then cut out pieces of fur to cover the area that I just ripped. I stitched around the rip and then fluffed the fur out into the rip so it looks like fur is coming through. I also trimmed the fur around and close to my stitching to cut down on so much bulk. I just picked a few random places on the jeans to do this. Then since the pants were too tight I cut through the elastic on the inside of the band so that it wasn’t visible on the outside.

For the shirt I cut 3 slits in a diagonal direction across the front and then pulled the t-shirt so that the knit would curl. I cut a piece of fur big enough to cover the whole chest area and sewed it down. Again once I was done I fluffed the fur out and trimmed around my stitching. I also cut one slit on one of the arms. After that I thought I should rough up the hem on the sleeves and the bottom. So I cut slits and pulled it to curl it. And since I was using an old shirt it looked worn and faded which was perfect!

My son is so so excited to be a werewolf. And I loved that this costume was cheap and cheerful!

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