Crochet Chaining Children!

My little girls is growing up! I’ve tried to teach Meg to crochet chains every year since she turned four, with no luck, but it’s good to get a hook into her hand, and start familiarizing her with basics. Finally, at seven years old, this year is the first one that she initiated the teaching lesson, she demanded to learn to crochet! I sent her off to pick a large hook and a ball of yarn, and carved twenty minutes out of my day to show her the basics of chaining. Something clicked this time! She got it! She’s been chaining ever since! She even made the chains that I put into the hair falls for my halloween costume. She is making cat toys for our new kittens, bracelets, jump ropes, and inventions with her chains. I’m glad she is excited about chains, because that is the only step she is going to learn for months. My grandma forced me make chains for months before she’d continue my lessons. Like Meg, I begged to be taught more, but it’s not about learning chains, it’s about learning how to hold the yarn and hook properly. The chains don’t have to be perfect, they just have to be made, to learn technique and muscle memory. And my little growing up girl is proceeding with gusto!!

For more info on teaching children to crochet, I suggest this article at Crochet.Org

“We must view young people not as empty bottles to be filled,
but as candles to be lit.”
-Robert H. Shaffer

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