My Halloween Costume – Part 2 – Peaked Pixie Hat

A day or two after I decided to do hair falls for my Fruit Fairy costume for halloween, I came across this hat pattern, to buy from etsy, and I fell in love!! I really wanted to buy it: Mittenmade Etsy Shop – Hobbit Hat Pattern

But being extra short on expendable income at the moment, I decided to see what I could do with yarn that was on hand, and whatever pattern I could find for free. I found these patterns that could work…

Stich A Yarntastic Life – Hood for tots
Just A Few Nuts – Little Pixie Hat
Ms. Crafty Galore – Pointy Ribbed Pixie Helmet Hat
Etsy Blog – Stella Pixie Hat
Fuzzy Galore – Pixie Ribbed Hat
but none of them were perfect, until I saw this hat! Womanpuli – Woodland Hat, and then realized that even though it was not a pattern, just a hat for sale, that with the beginner knitting that I just learned, I could do something very similar! That hat on the bear is my finished creation, not too shabby for my second knitting project, if I do say so myself!

After reviewing some of the above patterns, this is the pattern I concocted as I blithely stumbled along:
Cast on 90, Knit one row, Pearl one row, repeat for about 20 inches.
About 12 or 15 rows in I threw in a few messy decrease stiches, first time trying them. And then about two inches before the hat was done, I did a few increase stiches. Trying to make sure that it would peak in the back.
(Pic below shows what it will look like at this stage, just a big piece.)
Slip stich up the back on the inside with a crochet hook.
(Note on yarn, I LOVE the aqua yarn my sister sent me, and could not bear to let it all be used on dishcloths. So with the remaining Sugar N’ Cream aqua colored yarn I started the hat, and when I ran out, I switched to some white Sugar N’ Cream yarn that I’ve carried around since my teen years. I love how the soft medium thick yarn turned out with this make shift pattern! ♥ )

For the hanging ties:
Ch 50, tie off. (make 4), knot two chains together for the “ties” that hang down on each side, attach to hat.

for the little crocheted star/flower, I freehanded that, then counted stiches:
leave a long-ish tail, ch 3, join to form loop
*ch 3, slip st in 2nd chain and 3rd chain from loop, slip st in loop*
repeat from * to * 4 times
tie off in front of star, then use the hook to pull the knot through the center, to the back. Use the loose strings to tie to the hat.

Hope that all makes sense!

Just days after finishing the hat, I happened on this pattern, at A Crafter xD blog, that is perfect! I’ll definitely have to try making this hat sometime also!

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