Lunch Box Fun! Fruit Faces…

When looking into plastic free and glass free options for school lunches I settled on stainless steel. Since it’s VERY expensive comparatively, I poured over the reviews of every stainless steel lunch container on amazon. Some lids were too tight, others too loose. Some were too hard for children to open, some of them turned strange colors, or rusted. Finally, like Goldilocks, I found one that was just right. Greentainer. ( So I ordered one in each size and they have been working perfectly!

A while ago I saw this funny idea on the blog Eclectic Lamb, to make lunch box items with faces on them, or to put faces on them. I immediately thought of some scrapbooking supplies I have that would be perfect for that! I got them all onto a sheet of paper, printed it in color, cut them out, and stuck them on with a daub of honey. This is one of the small pears I sent to school with my daughter! ♥


You can download the page that I used to decorate her lunch here:
Fruit Faces to Print

They came from these digital scrapbooking websites:
Kate Hadfield Designs – “Beths Belief”
The Daily Digi – “Things I Love About You”

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  1. Very cute! Thank you for linking to my site.

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