Halloween Costume – Part 1 – Hair Falls

Every year I’m a different random fairy, why bother creating a costume to be anything else, it’s the only day of the year that I get to wear wings! This year, after a little thought, it came to me! This year I’ll be a Fruit Fairy! :)

I did a google image search for “fruit fairy costume” to get some ideas flowing, and came across something I’ve never seen before, it’s called a hair fall, and I saw it first at this etsy shop: FancyFairieGirl

I LOVE how they the etsy one turned out, and I briefly considered buying them instead of making them, but that isn’t my way, and besides I have tons of yarn. I did a quick “how to hair fall” search, and arrived at the below video.

So this weekend I gathered up some colors and set to work! I added some crochet chains, and braids to mine, and also I used the back of a chair instead of a table, but otherwise did just like the video shows, and they turned out cute!


My hair fall colors, number of strands wrapped around the chair:
30 Pink
10 Orange
5 Red
10 Purple
20 yellow
15 Green
10 White
5 Grey

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