Singing A Simpler Life

I have a new favorite music artist lately. I was listening closely to the lyrics of one of her songs, and it’s so lovely! Music often gives voice to changing attitudes, and so it makes me hopeful that maybe the world is turning toward a simpler lifestyle, here are a few random best bits of the song:

Instead of goin’ out
To dinner tonight
We can grow vegetables
Underneath our skylight

Clickin’ these downloads
Everyday has it’s price
We can lounge on our couch
And listen to our 45’s

Don’t need your moneybox
‘Cause I got lots and lots
Of what I need right here
Right here with you, my dear

Don’t need the cash machine
To make our days happy

Instead of goin’
To the movies tonight
There’s no shame in us playin’
Best of that Sega Mega Drive

Hand me your trousers
You got holes in your knees
It’s no fuss, patch them up
Forget about that shoppin’ spree

Don’t need to travel
‘Round London tonight
We can play Monopoly
Buy Mayfair in our own time

I know I don’t need the cash machine
To make our days happy

“Moneybox” by Eliza Doolittle

You can hear the whole thing here:

Moneybox – Album Version:


Moneybox – Unplugged Version

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