Homework at the Table


I read Parent’s Magazine, most of the articles annoy me, because they seem to assume that all parent’s are idiots, and all children are unruly brats. However, it redeems itself with the rare valid article, and a few good craft ideas, like this one about a mobile homework station. Since we do homework at the table, I wondered if something like this might help meg focus, and I loved that we could make our own. Since I was considering making this, I ripped out the page before recycling the magazine.

Later, I showed Megan the page from my magazine, asking her if thought it would be helpful to have a homework station like this at the table? She thought it looked awesome, snatched the paper from me, and ran off to the playroom. She soon returned with the battered display board from her science project last year. All on her own while I was reading a book aloud with my hubby, she: cut the display board into shape, colored it with markers, and taped cut off pieces of the board back onto itself to create pockets. When I saw the completed version, it looked like this:

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  1. So wonderful! It is more special since she made it herself. Great job!


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