Wheat-free Menu: Week One & Two

Before reading this post, read my post from Friday: Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis

So, on to my very own wheat belly situation… earlier in the year, soon after going mostly meat & dairy free, and before I read the Wheat Belly book, I attempted to go wheat free… after reading wheat belly, and doing even MORE research, I think there were a few reasons I failed last Spring:
1. I was not eating enough calories to get through the day.
2. I hadn’t learned enough wheat free meals to cook.
3. I was also trying to be perfectly vegan during my experiment.
4. I was not emotionally prepared.
I ate much less bread after my experience than I had been eating, and that helped me feel sufficiently better that I was not motivated to try going wheat free again. For years I’ve been fairly certain I have a wheat sensitivity, I just refused to do anything about it, so when I happened upon the Wheat Belly book through my library’s audio downloads, I was not surprised to hear that wheat causes such havoc in the body. In the book the author says some do well with just a clean cut from the wheat, and some do better with a gradual release of wheat, I was working on gradual. Each time I ate wheat, I could pinpoint how sick and lethargic it made me feel, forcing me to admit that while I love it, it needs to go. When I felt I was ready, I reread Wheat Belly, not just listened to it, but bought a hard copy and really studied it. Armed emotionally, and with a full wheat free kitchen, I was ready to try again.

About a week ago, as a family, we started a War on Wheat!! We will not eat any wheat at all, for a few months, and see what happens…


These are the lists and recipes of the menu I created for going wheat free, it’s a little potato heavy, but I felt it was necessary to have enough calories to get through the cravings.

Daily Meal Plan with Recipes: Meal Plans – with Recipes

Matching meal plans with shopping lists for family of four: Meal Plans – Lists
(Note the three tabs in the excel file, one is a blank shopping list, one is a tally shopping list of what is needed for the week, with the summary of the week’s meals, I cut it off the top and put it on the fridge.)

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