Gerbil Bonding

My gerbil, Kate, is adorable. The only gerbil I’ve seen with siamese-like coloring, her nose and ears and tail are darker than the rest of her, and she is super sweet. I adopted her with another gerbil who was very wild and escaped while we were outside, biting my daughter, I’ve never had a gerbil who bites, so we were not sad to see her go. However, Kate is old enough that I’m told she will not adapt to another gerbil, and yet gerbils don’t do well alone, they are social creatures. So we’ve been careful to spend extra time with Kate, she is curious and likes to explore, but is also calm and loves to be with me as I check out the garden or do crafts at the table. She’ll even sit on my shoulder as I walk around the house or outdoors.

I do get worried about her falling off my shoulder so I looked into bonding bags for small animals. There are lots on etsy, and the easiest is just a simple sling, similar to what I carried my babies in when they were infants. I repurposed an old knitted scarf that I got for free with some yarn, roughly crocheting the ends of the scarf together to form the sling. It’s working so far, Kate can burrow into the sling to feel safe, or poke her nose out to sniff and look around! Yay!

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