80/10/10 by Douglas Graham

Lately on the train sewing has been abandoned in favor of reading the raw food book by Dr. Douglas Graham. I’ve been on the library’s waiting list for this book for the past six months! And now that it’s finally here I’ve discovered that it was worth the wait. Researching a simple raw food diet, as opposed to a gourmet raw food diet, for the past few months, I already know the basics, however I’m enjoying this book for its in-depth research and clarity of speech. I definitely recommend this book for anyone who is feeling sick on a standard american diet, and doesn’t know how to fix the problem. It has clear step by step directions with not only the why to change your eating habits, but the how to do it. Even if you only change your breakfast, or just eat more fruit in general, this book is for everyone.

I’m more and more hopeful that going 100% raw is an achievable eventual goal for me. Using the Raw Til 4 as a midway guide is perfect, and I’ll be doing it for a while yet, the rest of the year at least. (Click here for more info on Raw Til 4) Going completely raw appeals to me from a simplicity outlook, because I’m having a hard time finding vegan recipes that I enjoy. Most of them have so much tofu, or olive oil, and vinegar dressings, and strange spices, that I have a hard time cooking these complex expensive gourmet meals, then I don’t like them when it’s finally time to eat. All the vegan/vegetarian books seem to be directed to people who already have exotic tastes, and are attempting to recreate their favorite dishes with different ingredients. Even the gourmet raw recipe books are beyond my comfort zone of what I consider edible food. My tastes are very plain, it’s just how I was raised… my mom’s idea of spice was adding oregano to tomato paste to make a spaghetti sauce, and we skipped salt and pepper in EVERY recipe. So, I’m merely trying to find food that:
1. Logically makes sense for health
2. Is simple to prepare
3. Tastes good
I feel like that is not too much to ask. And I’m cautiously hopeful that I’ve found that in the low-fat raw info I’ve seen online and in this book!

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