We are plagued with nightshade in our garden. PLAUGED! We spend hours and hours ripping it out of ground and untangling it from the blackberries, and grapes, and blueberries, and flowers… and then the cheeky little vines appears again!! From what I’ve read this is not “deadly nightshade” also known as belladonna, however our woody nightshade berries and leaves are poisonous and “in large doses it [causes] paralyses to the central nervous system, slows the heart and respiration, lessens sensibility, lowers the temperature and causes vertigo and delirium, terminating in death with convulsions.”

We spent several hours AGAIN over the weekend pulling out the smelly vines, including the HUGE flowered vine shown at right. We keep winning the battles, and yet we’re still losing the war… this is what the blackberry patch looked like when we moved in, all the red arrows point to nightshade berries:

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