A sacrifice for health

Transitioning to a simpler lifestyle is not something I’m doing on my own, it really is a family event. The girls’ are embracing the changes, but they are young and change comes easily to the young. The biggest surprise has been my hubby. When I met Jared he lived with his parents in a six bedroom house on a huge lot in the upscale area of town. He had all his needs met by his parents, including money for his many mint condition toy collections, and name brand clothing. Marrying me, and subsequently not having money at his fingertips, was a shock to the poor sheltered boy. But we got through it together, and now surprising me further, Jared is not only supporting a shift to simplicity, and healthier life, he is running toward it! Recently he sold his videogames, even his favorite ones, to buy a used bike off craigslist. Jared typically spent hours weekly with his videogames, and usually refuses to buy used items. This just proves that ANYONE can really change their attitude and views on life. I’m amazed and proud of the progress we’ve made as a family, and I’m excited about what the future will bring!

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